This is a detailed guide about how to Visit the Philippines and live on just $10 a day. It give specific practical directions and provides the secrets you need to know in order to have the greatest Vacation of your life, and do it all on $10 a day.

Now if you are as dumb as a box of rocks like another guy who read this book and thought he could come over to the Philippines and stay in a fancy hotel I guess and eat like a king and ride around in Taxis all day and he thought this book was going to tell him how to do that I guess.  I don't know what kind of sleeping arrangements are "Good enough" to suit you; I could never guess that.

This book tells you where to go and what kinds of things to do, where to stay, what to eat, how to travel and get from place to place; everything you need to know, in order to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Just read this, and the first book of straight talk on the Philippines so you will understand the culture, and you will be armed with everything you need to know to see the Philippines and do it on a budget that anyone can afford.

Randy Wilson has lived in the Philippines for many years and as an American living abroad, he has learned all the little secrets to living well and doing it as cheap as possible, and in this book of over 17,000 words you are going to get some very straight talk and some very specific directions right down to what you can eat for lunch and stay in budget. This is one of the most practical books every written with current 2013 information in it about the Philippines. Don't be fooled by the books that just gloss over all the things you really need to know and talk about all the typical tourist traps that are only designed to take your money.

Read this book and learn how to have a REAL vacation and one you will be talking about with your friends for years to come. A real adventure, not just a few weeks spending thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it when you return home. The things Randy will share with you in this book, you will not hear anywhere else.

See the true Filipino culture and meet the real people, not just those set up to take your money as fast as they can in the tourist industry. Listen to the wisdom of a man who knows from personal experience, and a man who is willing to share with you some real secrets on how to accomplish a vacation on $10 a day.

Sounds Impossible you say, well Randy has been doing the impossible all his life and now in this book he shares with you how you too can benefit from his vast amount of knowledge acquired over years of living in the Philippines and doing the very things he will share with you in this book.

If you are thinking about, or every wanted to see the Philippines and thought you could not afford to do it, reading this book will change your mind. You will know you can do it after reading this book because, Randy will, in detail, guide you ever step of the way, based on things he has done himself, and knows all about from personal experience.

Don't deny yourself any longer. Get this book and make your plan to visit the Philippines soon!

The Philippine Travel Review
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