This book is full of good current information about the Philippines. This is the basics that you need to understand. If you are considering moving to, visiting, or possibly permanently retiring and living in the Philippines, this book is a MUST READ.
Randy Wilson has been living in the Philippines, since 2001 and knows many of the secrets of the culture. This book covers the most basic things that you need to know; housing options, transportation, the available of products and services, corruption, and of course companionship information.
Even if you have visited the Philippines before, this book will walk you through the most basic things you need to understand to stay safe, and to get the most out of your trip. Whether your trip is for a short Vacation, or you are thinking something more permanent.
Moving from the first world to the third world can be a real shocker if you are not prepared. This book gives you the knowledge that you need to make good sound decisions for your future life.
If there is even the remotest possibility that you will visit the Philippines anytime soon, perhaps to meet with someone you have met on line, READ THIS BOOK FIRST.
Don't come to the third world unprepared; Arm yourself with the information that can make the difference between a nightmare experience, and the dawning of a bran new wonderful life in the Philippines.
Knowledge is power and this book will empower you with the most up to date current information written in plain straight forward English that will help you mentally prepare to make the transition.
Listen to the words of one who has been there and done that as they say. Randy Wilson is living there now and can share with you his unique perspectives on the best way to make your trip or your move to the Philippines, successful and with the least amount of stressful surprises possible.
You will learn about the Culture and the way people think on the other side of the world. You will learn what options are available to you and what the pros and cons are to a variety of subjects.
This book as NO pictures, and is over 22,000 words of pure, good, solid information, written as if you were sitting and talking with Randy at his home today.
You will enjoy this read, even if you are only curious, about life in the Philippines. You will be surprised at how much information is packed into these pages.
The Philippine Travel Review
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