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This is a great map of the Island of Negros because it shows clearly how Negros Island is between Panay Island and Cebu Island;  To the West of Cebu Island and to the East of Panay Island.  This is a beautiful island I know because I lived on it in Valencia for a year or so.  This is also Emily's home island where she was born and raised. If you look where the letter "O" of the word Oriental is printed on this map you will see a tiny word that says Mabinay marked on the road crossing the island.  That is the biggest town near where Emily was raised. If you look at where the Y is in the word Mabinay that is the approximate area where Emily's home was and for her parents still is located far back in the mountains.

The northern part of this island is mostly Sugar Cane fields and if you get too far south in the island it's almost a dry desert type of place.  Valencia which is about 10 miles inland from Dumaguete is where I lived for about a year. Dumaguete is a port city and college town and the capital of the Negros Oriental. You will notice when you get down to the bottom of the island and start to follow the road back up on the left side looking at the map, there is almost NOTHING listed on the map.  The extreme southern part of this island is very hot and dry and very much like driving through the desert.