Published in January of 2014 a frank honest comparrision between Living in the Philippines and Living in the USA.  A real dose of reality!
Revised and edited and republished September 2014 This book tells the truth about what it is really like to live in the Philippines in 2014 and it does so by making a comparison between the USA and the Philippines showing the pro's and con's. If you are thinking about making a permanent move to the Philippines for whatever reason this book is another Must Read for you. 110 pages of current - frank - information that makes it clear what it is like to live here. I've lived here for the past 13 years and counting - I know! Now you can know what I know too and what it's really like not just to visit but to actually live here long term.  I have several books about the Philippines and each one focuses on different things and has totally different information in each of them.  When you think about just the cost of the plane ticket alone, much less the thousands of dollars you potentially can loose by making a move here and then finding out it's not right for you, the cost of a few books is chump change. 

Here is one way to look at it.  You could make a fool out of yourself, spend God only knows how much money coming over to the Philippines thinking that moving here to retire and live for the rest of your life is just what you need to be happy, only to find out after you have tried living here that you can't live here and be happy.  This happens to thousands of Americans and other foreigners every year.  So if you buy and read even 5 of my 8 books on the Philippines and you have spent maybe $50 doing that and by doing that, you can gather enough information that you know this is not the right thing for you, how much money have I saved you in the long run; not to even consider the fact that you look like a whip or a fool when you have to leave all the stuff you spent money on here when you get on a plane with your tail between your legs and return to where ever you came from.

I'm not writing books to get rich for sure or even to get a little extra money so I can help the poor.  The main motivation for continuing to provide you with information is because the more information you have, the better decision you can make for your own life. 

These books are not written for the mass market place.  These are specifically written for guys like you most likely.  If you are in your late 40's or 50's and you are alone due to a divorce or some other tragic event then you are my target audience.  You might even be well into your 60's and thinking that your life is over and you will have to spend the rest of your life alone.  It doesn't have to be that way! 

I was married for 30 years and raised 7 kids.  My life didn't even start until I was 51 years old which is when I discovered the Philippines for the first time.  That was back in 2001 and I'm still here. There is a lot I can share with you via these books and this website which is the whole purpose of this website too. 

Consider investing in your future and read a few of my books, they could save you a bundle!

The Philippine Travel Review
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