This book looks at vacation from a more Christian view point and gives you instructions on a variety of activities that you can do while you also do the usual vacation stuff.  This is full of great fun ideas you would never think of otherwise and could make the difference between a so so vacation and the best vacation you ever had!
This book, A Vacation To Remember In The Philippines is about YOUR NEXT VACATION! This book is going to give you the secrets on how to create for yourself, a vacation like no other. One that will create memories that will last you the rest of your life. This book is not going to tell you about all the beautiful places you can visit while you are here on vacation in the Philippines, rather itís going to provide you with some secrets known only to the author. I donít mean a hidden cave or a beautiful pristine island that others donít know about but rather this book is going to give you an outline of activities that you can do while you are here on Vacation that will make your next vacation the greatest vacation you ever took. Am I talking about a hidden away fancy little exotic restaurant here and there to visit? NOÖNot even close! This will outline a Vacation for you that will allow you to do all the usual Vacation things but at the same time, Iíll share with you secrets that without reading this book, you could never even dream of. Iím going to turn a few hours a day of your Vacation in the Philippines, into an experience that you will never forget; by telling you what you can do, when you are NOT doing all your usual vacation stuff.

This book is more like a secret treasure map of things you never even thought about doing, that if you follow the outline in the book, while you are on vacation here, I promise you a Vacation that will give you memories that will last the rest of your life! This book is the best kept secrets, not places, not islands, not restaurants, not caves or scuba diving sites, nothing like that. The secret to a wonderful memorable vacation is right in front of your face, but you will never see it or experience it without reading this book! It is impossible! But with the information in this book, you will know how to create the greatest vacation you could ever experience. This book could only be written by Randy Wilson. These are his secrets that he has never shared with anyone before now! Learn how to really enjoy your vacation in the Philippines by following the plan, contained within these pages!
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