Exactly what it says.  My humble opinion why retirerment in the Philippines might be right for you.  I report you decide!
Revised and Edited Re Released September 2014. This book does exactly what the title says. It gives you 10 Great Reason why you should consider retirement in the Philippines. Perhaps you have heard of others who have done it and wondered if it was right for you. This book will help you make that decision. It's full of current up to date information that is laid out clearly with all the facts you need to make a good choice for your life. If you have reached retirement age or are about to, and you have thought about moving to the Philippines as others have done, this book is a must read for you! You won't wonder if it's right for you after you read this book. You will know if it's right for your life. Do yourself a favor and read this book! Revised and edited and republished September 2014
The Philippine Travel Review
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